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What You Need To Know About Ice Fishing With Long Rods

We have had some questions about the use and functionality of long rods. Why so long? Why the long through the rod? And it's ok... Because there was a time when I knew nothing about the concept and thought it was the craziest idea...until I used one. I posted this reply on someone's comment, and thought I'd share it with everyone, and for those looking to gain a little better understanding of the use and concept behind long rods.

When using a long rod you don't use it in the shanty, they are designed for faster fishing while hole hopping, or fishing the shallows. Guys that use long rods stand on the ice instead of sitting down. When using a long rod it gets you back away from the hole when fishing early ice or shallow water, as you can easily spook the fish by standing over the hole or projecting your shadow over the hole, it's unnatural.

By using a long rod when fishing 10' of water or less, in one motion you can lift your arm up and lift the fish right up out of the hole without having to reel your line in. This makes for a very fast retrieval, and almost just as fast you can have your line and jig right back down the hole on, say, a school of perch that just happens to be moving through. Instead of having to wait for your line to unspool off your reel, you already have that length of line out for the depth that you were fishing.

Some long rodders that have gotten very good at it, actually pinch down the barb on their hook so that, in one motion they can lift the fish out of the hole, set it on the ice so the hook will come out of the fish's mouth, and lift back up and drop the line down the hole all in one motion.

If you decide you want to work a line of holes that have been drilled in a certain depth, you can lift the rod tip up and move to the next hole and drop your jig right back down, again, without having to reel your line in. Also, if you have several holes drilled around you, you can stand in place and just turn your body and fish a hole to your left or right, or directly behind you.

This gives you a better advantage as just walking on the ice in shallow water could spook that school of fish underneath you.

For the guys that tournament fish, time is money. And the faster they can hook a fish, get that fish on the ice and the jig back down the hole, the faster they can fish an area and move on. It can make a huge difference when tournament fishing.

Using a rod with the line running through them gives you a greater advantage when fishing out of the shack on windy days. With the line protected inside the rod blank, you aren't losing any vibration when the fish bites, to the wind.

And last but not least.. Many people have asked about the line freezing up, or ice build up on the tip and incident the rod.

With a long rod, you aren't typically reeling the line in, therefore, you shouldn't have to worry about getting water inside the rod until the end of the day when you're headed back in.


No rod is ever fool proof and there always some ice build up problems when you're standing in sub freezing temperatures, it's to be expected. However, when using our long rods as intended, you're sure to have a great day on the ice catching fish